Friday, September 21, 2012

Go West

Hey, west coast friends--I'm here!

I landed at LAX this afternoon right around the time that the space shuttle Endeavour also landed at LAX. I got to ride inside the plane; Endeavour had to ride on top. I guess it never heard of checking in the day before.

No real news to report other than that, which was awesome. Also, I got my Hugo's ginger lemonade fix, which makes me very happy. Ginger + lemon + sugar + water + ice = perfection.

If you are reading this and are also in Los Angeles, we should hang out! Call/text/tweet/email/carrier pigeon me.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to the Blag

Hi, hypothetical readers of my moribund blog! Today I "finished" the first draft of my fourth dissertation chapter, the one I was reading for when I last posted almost two months ago.

Four down, one to go! If I'm on top of my shit, I should be able to have a "complete" draft of the dissertation by the end of October. That is my goal.

You'll notice scare quotes around "finished" and "complete." My dissertation is about musical comedy and the absence of conclusion, so it's really hard for me to wrap things up. Also, I keep thinking of other things to add but I don't want to add them until the dissertation is accepted as a dissertation. There will probably be interludes in between chapters in the final version, or at least the chapters will be much longer.

Long chapters make things academic, like long words or long, scraggly beards.

I am going to celebrate sending this chapter draft to my advisor by investigating the forthcoming fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons because shut up I get to choose how I want to celebrate. Then my boyfriend will come home and we will have celebratory dinner or something. Tempeh and mizuna, maybe. And Scotch. Shut up again; it's my party and I'll have strange tastes if I want to.