Friday, February 13, 2009

And hilarity ensued

Did 'yall catch this little article? Usually, the New York State Senate makes me quiver with righteous fury. This time, though, I just can't help laughing. I mean, the Democratic State Senators have 30 parking spaces, while the Republicans have...? Take a guess. 60? 90? 120? Over 800. How big do they think the state senate is? Do they each drive 16 cars to work every day? Or do they each bring 15 aides to the senate sessions? 15 aides who all drive their own cars.

Even better: the Republicans had a secret television studio for recording commercials? Really!?

Okay, it is pretty upsetting that this is what the taxes go to, so I guess I can work up some righteous fury over that, but it's also just nuts enough to be completely hilarious. My parents are paying for the state senate to have a private printing press with a staff of over 200. This is the state senate that is famous for taking many, many years to do nothing.

Sigh. It's nice to find some humor in the grim state politics of today.

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Claudia said...

That really brought a smile to my face. It's so absurd that I can't help but laugh.

If I thought too much about it, I'd probably be more pissed. But yeah, I like it better like this.

Thanks for the smile. And I miss you. And will see you in less than a month and a half. Which is pretty much the greatest thing ever.