Saturday, March 14, 2009

Optimism? II

The latest American Religious Identification Survey, published last week, found that most faiths have lost ground since 1990 and that the fastest-growing religious choice is “None,” up from 8 percent to 15 percent (which makes it larger than all denominations except Roman Catholics and Baptists).

Would it be hypocritical to welcome this statistic with a heartfelt Hallelujah?

I have nothing against my religious friends, but after talking to voters who tell me that their religion gives them every right to vote away my civil rights and regard my existence as inherently wrong, I just like the idea of a general decline in religious belief.

Plus I'm hoping for a sustained national revival of Dionysian drunken orgies, and I think a drop in American churchgoing is a necessary step.

Oddly, this statistic, if true, means I now have more atheist comrades than gays. I wonder how I feel about that...

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