Thursday, November 18, 2010


When I can't compose paragraphs, I have fun with lists!

1. NERD ALERTS: Lea Salonga plays World of Warcraft. LeVar Burton follows CERN on Twitter. File these facts under reasons to love these actors.

2. Apple-Pear-Ginger-Hazelnut-Cranberry is a delicious pie filling and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Also, dinner and dessert made of what-can-I-find-in-an-"empty"-fridge = win.

3. I am very happy that I will not be teaching this year. Grad school is an amazing, wonderful thing, and I hope it lasts a while.

4. Boyfriend moves to the east coast today!! Or rather, boyfriend begins today the process of moving ever closer to the east coast over the next several days. Final coastitude to be achieved on Tuesday.

5. I am going with him! In an hour I leave for the airport to fly to LA, then after a few hours there we begin our epic roadtrip. Hooray for seeing bits of the country that are not along the train route from NY to Chicago to LA! Hooray for getting out of NY to a place that is not my father's house! Hooray for Marjorie, my cactus, who will finally get to meet Nikolai, my hedgehog, in a prickly liaison the likes of which has not been seen since the last days of the Algonquin round table!

6. Glee was fucking garbage this week. Offensive on as many fronts at it knew how to be, including in purely structural ways. Unless they seriously revamp the non-song bits of the show, I'm so over it.

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Amandeep said...

Will Schuester is a ho.