Friday, February 18, 2011

If I knew how to use Tumblr

I had a great idea for a Tumblr. It would be called "It's not a child; it's a chicken," and it would feature gruesome pictures of fetuses and zygotes and the like...but they would all be chicken fetuses and zygotes, virtually indistinguishable from the sonograms used by anti-abortion activists.

If you have the money, awesome people could use some right now.

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Alexandra said...

YES. I also cannot figure out the tumblr (which is weird, because it is mostly just pictures of cats, and that cannot be so difficult, right?) but if it should ever come to pass that I do learn its ways, I shall bestow upon you the Secrete Knowledge of Ye Tumblr so that you may impart this genius idea of your unto the world.