Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello, internet friends. I just want to share with you my hectic travel and social schedule so you don't think I'm purposefully neglecting you.

On March 25th, I went to Washington, DC to visit the boyfriend and stayed there until the 29th.

On April 1st, I went back to Washington, DC because we had a Dungeons and Dragons game scheduled, and stayed until April 5th. Because of bus delays, I went straight from DC to chorus rehearsal and didn't get home until 10:15 PM.

Today, I leave for Providence, RI to see a Gilbert and Sullivan show at the alma mater (tonight) and a Providence Singers concert (tomorrow night) and a lot of old friends (all weekend) and return on Sunday, April 10th.

On Thursday, April 14th, I leave for Boston for the Harvard-Princeton Musical Theater Forum, which is Friday the 15th. Saturday the 16th I go to Newtown, CT for the family Passover Seder (yes, before Passover starts. We have holidays based on convenience, not calendars) and then come home. Sunday the 17th, Game of Thrones premieres on HBO so that's clearly a party.

Friday the 22nd, the boyfriend comes here and stays until the 25th.

It is quite possible that on Friday the 29th I will return to Providence for the Gilbert and Sullivan Sing-In, returning on the evening of Saturday the 30th so as to be back in NY in time for my cousin's birthday party on May 1st.

The following Sunday is my roommate's recital.

Basically, I have no weekends unplanned until May 13th-15th. I am clearly quite the social butterfly. I may not be updating much in all that time, so I apologize in advance!

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