Saturday, October 1, 2011


I do believe Bank of America has come up with a solid plan to prevent people from leaving. They just slow down online banking to a crawl and there's no way to conveniently withdraw our money! Brilliant!

Actually, I'll be closing my account on Monday, as soon as my ridiculously large registration fee for my conference in England clears: £120 plus a $35 fee to wire the money, for a total of either $222.49 or 155, if you ignore the units. Once that's taken care of and all of my automatic monthly payments to, if I recall correctly, the ASPCA, the ACLU, the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, and The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are switched over to my credit union account where my Planned Parenthood donations come from, I'll be all set!

Yes, it's a sort of bragging, but I am actually proud of where my money goes, and I like publicly feeling good instead of publicly feeling pitiable, so deal with it. And if you have recommendations for other places it should go, feel free to share in comments.

Now I just have to figure out why so much of it is going to "*Sanitation Charges" on my electric bill...

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