Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick Smash

So here's the thing about Smash, which many people on the Internet love to hate.

It's about a new musical that is in workshop. It has people who shouldn't be in it, a ridiculously uneven book, and sub-plots that really need to be dumped, plus a few really great songs.

It is itself a new musical that is in workshop. It is the ultimate Broadway insider show, delivering up piping hot meta-theater for those who love the theater. New musicals generally suffer from all of those problems.

Yes, the boy playing Leo should find a career that does not involve acting at all ever. Yes, there are more plots than one show can handle. Yes, the "Iowa" lead actually looks and sounds like every single young woman who is trying to remake herself into the Platonic ideal of the next Hollywood star.

These things will get worked out over time. The show has some great songs. And Anjelica Huston. And Jaime Cepero standing and looking pretty, as long as he isn't talking. And lots more gays and people of color (and at least one gay of color!) than most TV shows are willing to risk, with sex for the gays and plots for the people of color.

If it would just give Ann Harada some goddamn screen time and musical numbers, it could eventually be something excellent. Do you hear me, Smash makers? MORE ANN HARADA. I suggest a scene where none of the various Marilyn's show up to rehearsal and Linda is forced to step into the role. Then she does it as Judy Garland instead of Marilyn and everyone is stunned except Derek, who tells her she has the wrong diva.

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