Thursday, June 12, 2008

For security reasons...

Newsflash: Peanut butter is now a liquid. Or a gel; I'm not sure which. I just know that the jar of peanut butter in my backpack resulted in a very friendly TSA agent (perhaps a cyborg replacement? They're supposed to be horrendously self-important and cranky, not smiling and helpful) sending me back through security, plastic knife in hand, to recombine the items in my luggage into a more secure form. What did this mean? I took my loaf of bread and my half-empty jar of peanut butter and made SEVEN peanut butter sandwiches. These sandwiches, unlike the jar of peanut butter, posed no threat to national security. I think the plastic baggy around them ensured that.

While I appreciate not being forced to throw away my peanut butter, I question the logic behind this situation.

I am off to summercamp tomorrow afternoon. No intertubes for ten days. Don't do anything too interesting while I'm gone!

Oh, and all musicologically inclined readers should check out today's Cat and Girl. Kick ass.


Alexandra said...

THAT IS WONDERFULLY HILARIOUS. I just love the image of you sitting in an airport making sandwiches.

Do not think about logic in this situation - instead, let us thank our lucky stars that such illogic exists that we might live forever in mirthful bemusement.

Ms. Chakravarty said...

Don't do anything too interesting while I'm gone!

too late.

oh, and i agree with alexandra about the sandwiches.