Friday, June 27, 2008

Wake up, Los Angeles!

Thank you, City of Muenster Planning Office, for proving my oft-repeated point. Get on the damn bus!

In other news, I leave Boston for NY in about 45 minutes. Trousers' landlord, being crazy, decided late last night that today, 27 June 2008, is actually the first of the month, and so we need to be packed and gone now. Foolish mortal. We will be packed and gone by tomorrow, which screws up plans to some degree, but we can do it.

In other other news, I discovered a fun problem with my computer! I sent it in for repairs a few weeks ago, and the lovely, efficient repair folks at Apple fixed it and returned it in one day. The plastic plate that surrounds the trackpad and keyboard was cracking, so they replaced it. Now that it's "fixed," the plate is totally uncracked, but when I press down on the blank space on either side of the trackpad, the space where my hands rest when I type, the mouse clicks.

This is interminably frustrating.

It seems to be fading, so I think I'll just let it go and see what happens. Maybe the whole thing will turn into one giant mouse button!

That's all for now. Readers in the NY area, please call me if you want to get together!

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