Monday, July 21, 2008

My Personal Hat

Today had the potential to be a big day for my family (see my post of a few days ago). Luckily, or unluckily, it wasn't. Dad did not suddenly retire, as his old friend was indeed named interim provost. This doesn't mean that he will stay forever; I don't know how long the interim lasts, and he may still leave after it ends. Mom still may also retire if/when he does. But the change has been postponed, at least for a while.

Instead of earth-shaking life alterations, today has been filled the basement and buying new pants. Small changes. Actually, cleaning the basement is a larger change than you might think; I thought my mom was going to weep when I moved the mattress we store down there from one room to another. Somehow that shook her earth, a reaction I had not anticipated.

Tomorrow I'm off to NYC to see various folks. If you're there, call me! Posting will probably slow down over the next week, as I begin yet another round of travel from LI to NY to Boston and back.

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