Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jukebox meme

OK, so I gave in to this oh-so-fun meme. This is something I can do without turning my head. Here are the first lines of 30 songs from iTunes on random, for you to guess titles and artists. A few notes first:

1. The random didn't seem to be that random. Songs often came in oddly matched pairs.
2. A surprising number of them include the title in the first line.
3. The performer is almost never going to be the person you expect it to be.
4. At least one of the performers gets the words wrong, marked [sic.] in my list. This is what comes of the English trying to sing German. Hinted!

1. These lush moments, how I adore
2. I must say these tropical days have been quite restful
3. Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia
4. Ave spes nostra
5. I love the time and in between the calm inside me and the space where I can breathe
6. When the sun sinks in the west
7. The elephant trunk and Democrat donkey will be down the drain and sunk
8. Paree, he’s like a lover
9. What if I came down now?
10. Smile, smile, smile, that’s all you do
11. Something bad is happening (guessed by Otter on LiveJournal)
12. Some people got it, and make it pay
13. Pobedichom, pobedichom, posramichom
14. Nanina…[unintelligible mess of Georgian]
15. You must treat your lover girl right
16. If I tell truths to you, my love, my own
17. Ah, you’re wonderful, you’re all that I’ve yearned for
18. Pistol shots, gun shots (guessed by Gris on LiveJournal)
19. Says Red Molly to James, that’s a fine motorbike (Guessed by Otter on LiveJournal)
20. Oh, tinozza ambulante!
21. O ihr Herren, o ihr werten
22. Schön lie [sic.] Engel voll Walhallas Wonne
23. Sicut erat in principio
24. Sani e salve agli amplessi amorosi
25. Sold a hammer to the Pentagon
26. Victoria dines alone, she skips the potatoes

27. Guido, I was lazing around my bedroom
28. Amor volat undique
29. Coulda been a writer, shoulda been a novelist (guessed by DQ on LiveJournal)
30. And I followed her to the station (guessed by Z2 on LiveJournal)


ronzor said...

I'm not going to try and do all of them, but two of them stuck out to me as being particulary hard to guess. Namely 3 and 23 could be really any of a number of sacred works to the same words. But knowing you I'd have to say the most likely candidate for each is
3. Tchaikovsky, Alleluia, performed by the Brown University Chorus, Russia Trip 2004
23. Monteverdi Vespers, performed by the Brown University Chorus, Fall 2004

CelloShots said...

Nope! You're on the right track for #23, but that ain't it. #3 would be Alliluiya were it Tchaik. One of the other tracks is a Brown University Chorus performance, though.

Ian said...

To clean up the folkie end of things:

25: Tom Paxton - Sold a Hammer to the Pentagon
26: Tom Paxton - Victoria Dines Alone
29: Eddie from Ohio - Good at That

19 wouldn't have posed much of a problem either, although who knows how many versions of it you got from me.

CelloShots said...

25. is technically called "The Pentagon," but I'll let it pass.
26. is correct!
29. had already been guessed over on LiveJournal but I forgot to mark it. But correct anyway!