Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New blog

I have added a new one to my blagosphere: Center of Gravitas. I've only dropped in on it a couple of times, but they've been rewarding visits. Here, for example, is GayProf's take on the incredibly frustrating post-Prop-8 racism:

Moreover, I think that queer rights organizations need to be involved in bigger fights for economic and social justice. We ask other groups to join with us, but when was the last time a group like HRC campaigned for an issue facing the UFW?

Now there's a suggestion I haven't heard from any of the other angry queers currently storming the fortresses of the patriarchy. Fight not just for ourselves but for other oppressed people!? WHAT!? Many times have I heard the vague "reach out to people of color" advice, but here is a concrete way to do that, a way that may actually have an effect. Fabulous!

I am cross-posting this at my currently-empty LiveJournal, just to see if that generates some readership for this blag. If you're reading this at LJ, you won't see the Blagosphere sidebar or any of the posts leading up to this, so click on over to Brain Vomit and see what I'm talking about.


amy jay said...

on a similar note, see this blog entry: http://brownfemipower.com/archives/3307

also, i REALLY hope that you're being sarcastic when you say that you've never before heard anyone suggest that queer people should be active in movements for social, economic, and racial justice.
because if you aren't, that might just be even MORE depressing than prop 8 passing at all...

CelloShots said...

Oh I didn't mean that I hadn't heard any queer people say that! I was being snide about certain of the people rallying in the streets who clearly have their heads planted firmly up their asses at all times.