Thursday, January 15, 2009

Self absorption

Thursdays are for me. On Thursday I put my head back together, put my room in order, put all of the bits of my life back in the places where they belong.

Now Thursday is drawing to a close, and I am ready to face the world again. A brief list of my entirely self-involved activities today:

1. Donated a pile of clothings to Out of the Closet, both mine and 'Nald's.

2. Bought fresh (local, organic) produce at the Century City farmers' market. Sadly, there was a shocking dearth of garlic. Happily, strawberries are in season again. It is still January, right?

3. Reorganized my closet so that only half of it is a hedgehog habitat. The other half is now usable as...a closet! Shocking!

4. Tried, once again, to input student grades into the online gradebook. Got a few more in before it failed to load. We'll see if they last.

5. Went through all of the papers that had piled up on and around my desk since 4 November 2008. Recycled most of them. Saved some, including the chocolate wrapper bearing the inscription "You make getting political--HOT," with name and phone number appended. I like that particular piece of paper.

6. Washed my face five or so times. Still can't seem to get rid of the mysterious eruption all over my chin. Sigh. Another day of subtly thick makeup tomorrow, I guess.

7. Called the apartment manager about the inexplicably leaking kitchen sink. This was the longest stretch I'd gone without calling her about a plumbing problem since...moving in?

8. Watched DS9 while reading Christopher Small for section tomorrow.

9. Posted on the class discussion board about original cast albums and Danny Kaye.

10. Stir-fried some of that fresh produce. Ate it in front of more DS9.

Altogether, a pleasant day. I always feel better when my ducks are in a row, and they now are. Time for bed, as I need to be up at 6:00 tomorrow. Not all days can be Thursdays...

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