Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weblog voting

A post on a lighter topic. PLEASE vote today for BitchPhD in the Very Large Blog category of the Weblog Awards. Right now the only blog that is beating my beloved bitches' is a creepy racist conservative religious nutjob blog called Jesus' General. This really shouldn't happen.

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Gray said...

While I don't want to undermine anybody's righteous voting enthusiasm for BItchPhD (in fact, I agree: go vote NOW!), Jesus' General is NOT a creepy racist conservative religious nutjob blog. It's actually a blog written by a liberal atheist who takes on the persona of a wingnut in order to lampoon right-wingers. His schtick is to find somebody saying something crazy and write them a letter that takes their position to its most extreme and ridiculous conclusion. I used to read Jesus' General on a daily basis (I boycott it now, for reasons that take an age to describe but which have nothing to do with ideology).

I'm not advocating that anybody vote for Jesus' General (in fact, please don't), but it's definitely not as bad as you think.