Sunday, April 19, 2009

Unusual Saturday

Things I don't usually do on Saturdays but did on this particular one:

1. Go out for lunch.

2. Buy shoes.

3. Drink tequila.

4. Wear a false moustache on my lip, nose, and forehead.

El Nico had a hangover and needed eggs, so we went to Eat Well, where we did just that. Two of the attractive waiters decided to spend time groping each other in the middle of the restaurant, so we got distracted from our conversation. Then we went to the Fluevog store to take advantage of their old-model-shoes-are-cheap sale. Or rather, I went to take advantage of the sale, and he went to keep me company and prevent me from being overwhelmed by all the shoes.

Y'all know I don't handle shoes very well.

Luckily, there was a terribly attractive boy working there to help me pick shoes. He had a bass clef tattooed on his forearm, so we got to talking about how we both play the cello (!), and he showed me some shoes I might like. I ended up spending more on shoes than...ever, I think, and I now own these, something approximately like these but in olive green and with laces, and most importantly these. The website calls them brown, but they sure look purple to me.

The tequila was aƱejo, meaning aged at least a year, and it tasted amazingly Scotch-y. This was a good thing, as I normally don't like tequila, but I do love me some Scotch. Post tequila, I headed over to a western-themed party at I Can Call You Betty's house, where I attempted to fit the theme with a plaid shirt and a fake moustache. Sadly, the moustache refused to stick to the scraggly stubble on my unshaven lip, so I moved it to my forehead to simulate a unibrow. As I was growing quite a substantial unibrow of my own, it also failed to stick there. The top of my nose, however, was sufficiently hairless. Equally sadly, if not even sadlier, the plaid shirt I borrowed turned out to belong to a cat owner. After an hour or so in it, my eyes started stinging and itching.

All in all, though, a good Saturday. Note the distinct lack of anything productive!


Alexandra said...

Productivity = so overrated. All Saturdays should be like this.

Leila said...

1. i have enough unibrow for the both of us

2. those shoes look brown to me, at least in the picture.

3. i also went shopping recently. odd. cannot deal with shoe-shopping. have much admiration for you for not bolting.