Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back east

I have crossed the country again, for the fourth time this year. I will be in the greater NY metropolitan area for the next three days, then into the woods (heh. into the woods.) of western Massachusetts for the annual Commie Camp, then back to Lawn Guyland until early-mid July.

If you're around here, let me know! I want to see you! I have lost track of who is where and when, so I may not contact you, but please contact me.

In other news, Iran has exploded. Twitter talks of people being beheaded and beaten and all sorts of frightening things. If I had prayers, they'd be there. As it is, thoughts are there.

In local news, the NY State Senate continues to implode. Senator I-brutally-attacked-my-girlfriend-with-a-broken-glass-no-wait-I-mean-I-tripped has returned to the Democratic Party. Senator I-am-under-investigation-for-corruption-to-the-tune-of-untold-thousands-perhaps-millions-and-also-I-don't-live-in-my-own-district remains caucused with the Republicans. That leaves a 31-31 tie, with no tie-breaking vote because remember when the Governor was indicted for soliciting an amazingly expensive DC sex worker and the Lt. Governor took over his job? LI Republicans apparently want to secede from New York State, though boring Republicans remain mired in logistical concerns. I sort of wish they would succeed in seceding just long enough to pass gay marriage and then get re-annexed.

And in other local news, Jon Cooper may be running for US Senate to unseat Kirsten Gillibrand. Keep your fingers crossed.

Okay that's the rundown of the inside of my mind for right now, except that Une Pipe and I created a formula for what makes British humor funny in America:

religion is dumb + funny accent + transvestites = humor



Ian said...

Who'd you get the Cooper tip from? That would be great! (Although according to my dad, his rainbow coalition of cute little children has turned into a rainbow coalition of surly teenagers, as often happens.)

CelloShots said...

My parents each got a flier at the Pride Parade from the Jon Cooper for US Senate Exploratory Committee. Apparently it's true: http://www.cooperfornewyork.com/Homepage.html

Roxanne said...

Hey Sam! You should come hang out if you are in Boston, I can think of at least five cool things to do while you're here. :0)