Thursday, July 16, 2009

A few updates

1. I am back in California, and have been for a while.

2. I am working full time at Vote for Equality. It is utterly exhausting, often frustrating, and superbly distracting.

3. Skittles are now officially vegetarian!! I don't know when this changeover happened, but I am so, so grateful.

4. My mom is waiting on news/test results from the latest doctor. Nothing so far.

5. I am seeing someone. Not in the therapy sense; in the dating sense. Thus far, it is a happy thing, but I feel that announcing things on the internet has a tendency to make them spiral into a whirlpool of confusion, disarray, and imminent dissolution. Therefore, I will restrain myself from posting at length on this topic.

6. I will be on television on Monday. I anticipate my fifteen minutes of fame being limited to about two actual minutes, but we shall see.

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