Monday, August 31, 2009

An excellent weekend

Several things went well this weekend, and I shall explore those several things in list form, as is my wont.

1. Vote for Equality canvassed voters in very close proximity to the Station Fire and nobody (a) caught fire or (b) breathed in enough smoke to do damage.

2. I made cookies that were so delicious that I made them again. Chocolate cookies with cinnamon, white chocolate chips, and dried cranberries. I feel a shade ill after eating untold quantities of cookies and dough, but way more relaxed than I have been in ages.

3. All of my laundry is done and put neatly away, as are all of my DVDs.

4. The cramped bromeliad has been repotted in a larger and less disposable pot, with real potting soil.

5. Nikolai has been bathed and had (some of) his nails clipped and seems not to have resented it too much, though it was rather harrowing at the time for all concerned.

6. I spoke at length with friends I had not contacted in far too long.

7. I spent a great deal of time with a rather delightful young man who still lacks a code name. Suggestions from the studio audience?

A few things went less well, including the abrupt cessation of my bathtub drain to function as such, and the failure on my part to contact a few other friends the details of whose lives are sadly unknown to me at present. I intend to remedy this last by next weekend at the latest, so if you feel I have neglected you of late, please don't hesitate to demand my time (I'm thinking of A New Car! in particular, but there are others...)!

A closing thought: several acquaintances on the east coast are now heralding the approach of Autumn on the intertubes. I wish we had that season here! Please send dead leaves, thunderstorms, and Edgar Allan Poe by express mail so that I may simulate my favorite season in this blistering desert.


Violet Vixen said...

Ha! I read Nikoai and totally thought you were talking about me. I was occasionaly called Nicola and Nicolita as a child, so I generally answer to anything that starts with Nic or Nik

Violet Vixen said...

But we have fires and Santa Ana winds! End of the world season is pretty exciting. Here, scroll down to read Joan Didion on the Santa Anas; I totally break this out every fall:

at_resonance said...

It always confuses me when people call it the "Station Fire". The Station Fire happened 7 years ago in Rhode Island. Doesn't everyone know that?