Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A quick survey

Each time I fly east, another gay icon dies. Who will die this weekend while I am visiting my parents and going to a wedding?

I am hoping that it is NOT Betty White or Stephen Sondheim. I'd be okay with Larry Craig or Martina Navratilova. Or Patti LuPone. Just don't tell her I said that. She scares me.


Violet Vixen said...

Ha! I'm a little bit scared of Patty LuPone, too!

Alexandra said...

Don't tell anyone I said this, because it might severly damage my girl group cred, but I would really be ok if Diana Ross bought it. I really don't like Diana Ross. And also I am scared of her.

And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RETURNING MY LIBRARY BOOK! YOU ARE THE SUPER-DUPEREST! And I will bake you thank you cupcakes when I get back.

Zander said...

Hildegard Behrens just died. Does that count?

CelloShots said...

@Alexandra--I love thank you cupcakes! They are my favorite flavor! Or favourite flavour, just for you.

@Zander--doesn't count, since I knew she was dead before I left LA. Also, she's only important to a very small subset of teh gays.

Also, I am commenting from the airplane, thanks to $6 in-flight wireless! Neat!