Monday, April 19, 2010

I am a cinematic genius

I had the best idea for a film.

It will be a horror movie, released at Christmas, and it will be called 34th and Elm. The tag line for the posters will be something along the lines of "where miracles and nightmares meet."

It is sure to be a box office smash.

Also, it will be shown in theaters only in 3-D and will be available for purchase only on Blu-Ray. Because the future of cinema is, obviously, movies that I can't see.

Oh, and you can download it onto your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, but it mysteriously only downloads in Flash, so you can't watch it.

I am supposed to be reading for class, but instead I am dreaming up the Movies of the Future and baking muffins. I made 36 whole wheat strawberry banana muffins with whipped cream frosting. If you are near where I am and are hungry, please come by and eat one!


lorraine said...

I desperately want one of those muffins. Also, hi! I still read your blog and also I hope to get the chance to see you sometime in the near future.

Adam G said...

He knows when you are sleeping...

Inspector Clouseau said...

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