Monday, April 12, 2010

New friend!

Hello, internet friends! I would like to introduce you all to a new real-world friend of mine. Her name is Marjorie.

Isn't she lovely? Marjorie is a Mammillaria haageana conspicua, which according to my expert Latin skillz means "conspicuous saint breasts." She takes her name from prickly character actress Marjorie Main, and she comes from the wonderful Cactus Mart in Morongo Valley, CA. Dig your own cactus for 59¢! What you do with it afterwards is tricky though, which is why I did not dig Marjorie myself.

Here's another shot of her, this time from above:

What you can't really see in my blurry photo is that each of her lovely white spine-flowers has another spine in the middle, a vicious, yellow-brown weapon that will impale any curious potential interlopers who are lured by either her pretty pink flowers or her fuzzy-looking white spine-flowers.

I have invented the word spine-flower. It is not a technical cactus word. Also, her spine-flowers are not fuzzy. They are sharp.

Marjorie has three friends, purchased by the Mysterious X and our friend Musicolojill. Their names are Sylvia, Edna, and Edna, and I don't have pictures of them.

In unrelated news, I finished writing my Special Field exam! 56 pages in a week, all about queer involvement in musical comedies, approximately 1878-2010. If I pass my defense on Thursday, I will officially be allowed to start writing my dissertation proposal! Huzzah (I hope)!

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Claudia said...

Ok, the angle of that picture is such that for a disturbingly long time I thought it was someone in a hat with their head tilted down so you only saw the top of the hat.

I must be tired.