Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The habit of writing

The best way to get writing done is to write, they say, so in the interest of furthering the dissertation, I am practicing writing every day in this space as well as in the shoddy patchwork of fragmented nonsense in five different Microsoft Word documents that is my current dissertation chapter.

The aforementioned chapter is basically about musical comedy packrats, though I haven't used that word in the chapter (yet). I'm calling them "collectors," and I think I'll stick with that word for its mostly-not-creepy-unless-you-think-of-the-John-Fowles-book feel, as opposed to "hoarders," "obsessive fans," "self-proclaimed experts," or "scholars." If I knew more what I meant by the term, I'd explain it here as part of my crowdsource-the-dissertation initiative that I recently came up with, but so far the concept is just some thick fog and the suggestion of an outline of a figure peeking through that I think might just be a hedgehog.

My clever academese phrase of the day is "the slippage between comprehensiveness and comprehension," which I actually think will make sense once the figure in the fog is more solidly visible. Maybe that is a sign that I have spent too long in graduate school.

For now, take a look at this video which has nothing to do with the dissertation, but everything to do with my muddled metaphor and my user icon on 'most every social network. It just might be the best film (that I've seen) of 1975. And that includes The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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