Saturday, December 3, 2011

Perfect Saturday

Woke up early and stayed in bed with my fuzzy blanket, catching up on internet things.

Skype date with the boyfriend.

Work date with Z2 and Red Steel (new nickname! Not sure it'll stick.) at Vintage wherein I graded many papers, drank many glasses of sangria, and ate many varieties of bruschetta. Best one: Nutella with orange zest, roasted almonds, and Grand Marnier jelly.

Planned (and bought ticket for) train trip across the country with a friend whose nickname I've forgotten.

Game night with LAGLC folks--Apples to Apples and Scattergories.

Playtime with The Mysterious X's kitties, who were bad and had spilled oatmeal everywhere.

Set up babysitting date with the little adverbs for tomorrow night.

Set up dinner date with Red Steel at my favorite restaurant in WeHo for earlier tomorrow evening.

I will now go to sleep and forget all of the (minor) negative parts of today because they aren't written down.

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