Sunday, January 8, 2012

New year

I am back on the blog for the first time this year. Feeling ready for the quarter that starts tomorrow, and feeling excited about being back in warm LA with its bountiful opportunities for outdoor exercise. Not that the east coast was cold at all, but LA has canyons! With dogs!

Also, LA now has my hedgehog, successfully smuggled over the border on the train, in my backpack. It is very nice to come home to an apartment with a living creature in it, instead of an empty one. As long as that living creature isn't a fruit fly.

Goal for the year: finish writing dissertation and be done with graduate school. Remember that goal, Internet. Hold me to it.

Other goal for the year: participate in shit-ton of weddings. So far signed on to be best man, bridesman, officiant, and (potentially) cellist, in addition to attendee. Super excited about these things. Hope the as-yet-unscheduled one doesn't fall on the date of any of the others.

Third goal for the year: keep up the good health habits I've started. Flossing daily, for the first time in ever. Trying to exercise at least every other day (fell off of that wagon over the holidays). Not eating ALL THE JELLYBEANS IN THE WORLD when I feel stressed. Not drinking when home alone (still 100% on this since moving back here, if you don't count finishing a mostly-drunk beverage after guests leave).

Fourth and last goal for the year: be awesome to the people in my life who are awesome. Which is most of the people in my life. I know it's the wrong holiday (okay it's not any holiday at all because this is late), but I am so very thankful for my colleagues, my friends, my family, and my wonderful boyfriend. Y'all are what make life worth living.

Well, y'all and the chocolate mousse marsala crepes from Hugo's.

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