Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Someday!

Today I am wearing the Tunisian jebba that I received as a Chanukah gift in 2010 and have not worn since. I tried to look up the word for it, but the usual source failed me and I had to synthesize information from both Google and Wikipedia to lead me to the Google Image Search that confirmed the proper term. Research is hard!

It turns out that the garment that barely squeezed over my hooded sweatshirt thirteen months ago is now actually quite loose and baggy when worn on its own. Very comfy, and also very not-wearing-this-out-of-the-house-until-I-am-more-used-to-how-it-looks-on-me.

Had a lovely weekend (so far) with various friends from college and from UAW. Went to Santa Barbara for the first time yesterday, where I got to be the timekeeper at a six-hour meeting. Bundt cakes and string cheese made it all fairly pleasant. Playing with adorable kittens upon my return made things first more and then less pleasant (itchy eyes! bad!), but in the balance, a good weekend—especially since I went to a different farmers' market today that still had blood oranges. I think the thing I will miss most about living in LA when I leave will be blood oranges. Or bok choi. Something from a farmers' market.

For the rest of the day I plan to read some student writing and then some stuff about nostalgia for my dissertation chapter, listen to all the podcasts I've skipped this week, and watch some Golden Girls. Anybody who wants to join me, come on by! Pardon my jebba.

In re: the title of this post—I think I will never get tired of Homestar Runner references.

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