Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back to school

Sadly, my vacation is nearing its end. Happily, I will be departing on Wednesday for New York (and eventually Providence) for Spring Break 2: The Revenge.

Spring Break (retroactively named Spring Break 1: The Venge) has been awesome and unpleasant, both by turns and sometimes simultaneously. In the category of simultaneous awesome and unpleasance (I know, but it's a better word than unpleasantness), I have been eating out a whole lot with my visiting parents, and it has been delicious but disastrous for my health. I haven't had a chance to really exercise since they arrived, which makes me feel sluggish and gross, and my meals have all been larger than they needed to be.

The pinnacle of awful meals occurred at Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley. I had something dubiously labeled "Panini Caprese" that more closely resembled a completely tasteless grilled cheese. I use the term 'cheese' loosely; I have never before met mozzarella that so nearly approximated rubber.

Luckily, this meal occurred in Death Valley. Totally awesome!! I saw amazing animals, plants, and rocks, not to mention shooting locations from Star Wars, episodes IV and VI. Plus, a Spanish castle built by a rich banker for his secret boyfriend. Totally sweet. And I tasted the ground, which was pure salt. Totally savory.

At Delights Hot Springs Resort in Tecopa, CA (population: 99), we discovered that there are burned out ex-hippies everywhere. Hot springs are amazing, by the way, but go with Waterfire and Valentine's Day on the list of Romantic Things That Really Make Me Wish I Had A Boyfriend.

When the parents' pictures are available, I will divulge more details of the trip in the captions on Facebook.

Now we are back in LA, which is both sad (no more Death Valley!) and happy (exercise! time away from my parents!). The final day of parent visitation is set to include the Museum of Jurassic Technology and Frittelli's gourmet doughnuts. Deliciously terrible for body and mind, irrespectively.

And now, because it is fun, I will create secret code names for many friends. In less than a week, I get to see the following people (and maybe more):

In New York, Z1, Trousers, Ginger, Novgorod, The BOD (Botany of Desire), and possibly DKNY and Grover.

In Providence, AMisH, Hush Money, une pipe, the Scotsman, Fatso, DQ (Dancing Queen), S2, Vocalise, Moloko and possibly Czechmate, ANC! (A New Car!) and Jane. Plus untold brethren and sistren of the Alpha Delta Phi Society Society and various BUGS.

If you read this and don't like your code name (or can't figure out which one is you), let me know. Very few of these must be permanent.


Ms. Chakravarty said...

i am 99% sure i know who i am. (better land?)

in trying to figure everyone else out (because i am like that) . . . why ginger?

CelloShots said...

Ginger uses ginger toothpaste and eats candied ginger. Ginger's fondness for the eponymous root is somewhat daunting.

And yes, Better Land.

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