Tuesday, March 11, 2008


All seems to be for the best, in this best of all possible worlds.

Let me elaborate and enumerate.

1. Los Angeles is behaving according to the rules. Today we passed 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.67 C for my Canadian readers) and I ate dinner outside.

2. I have friends and relative visiting from now until I visit the east coast. There's just enough time between visitors for me to keep my life under control and not enough for me to feel lonely. I would identify the visitors, but I have decided to switch to Anonymous Mode so as to be able to avoid consequences as much as possible.

3. In that spirit, I will grant nicknames and initializations to all characters who appear in these pages. The first one will be assigned to an entirely unimportant character whom I do not expect ever to reappear. His name shall be ATB (for Anorexic Tool Boy), and I look down on him. It is uncharitable, but it makes me feel good to sneer at his classism, racism, and general idiocy and then to realize that I will probably never have to spend time with him again. Goodbye, ATB! May your implausibly narrow silhouette never more come between me and the bright Southern California sunshine.

4. The next to be represented is the mysterious X. She is a far more sympathetic character in my life, and is sure to reappear in these pages. Why am I so certain? Because she will (most likely) be living with me next year!! Huzzah! Space Invaders wall decals have been discussed.

5. I have written my last weekly response paper for Historiography. On Thursday, I will present my final paper in Music and Dance. The end of the quarter is in sight! Also, Firefox knows that historiography is a word. Take that, skeptics.

6. It appears I have been set up on a potential blind date. With an accountant. This will, of course, result in awkwardness the likes of which have never before been visited upon humankind. However, after the awkwardness settles, I will have an hilarious story. Or maybe I'll be dating an accountant. Either way, it ends up with laughter all around.

7. Joss Whedon's father wrote for The Golden Girls. Joss is famous enough that naming him does not count as breaking my newfound anonymity rule. Neither does the fact that my older posts have names in them. That's just how the rules work.

8. Z2 and I discovered what I believe to be the site of the largest helpings of pancakes in the world. I have already eaten portions of my stack for two meals, and I have approximately 1/4 of the stack left. Raspberry lemon pancakes. Anyone with any sense, except for Jane (another alias; this does not refer to anyone actually named Jane), knows that raspberry lemon pancakes are a gift from the nonspecific realm of supernatural benevolence.

9. Without struggling, I came up with 8 reasons that things are just dandy. This pleases me.

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Ms. Chakravarty said...

sorry about the accountant. i would never have endorsed this had i quite figured out what was going on.