Thursday, April 10, 2008

Apellationally Linked

Several people have been on my mind this week who have an odd thing in common. The Mysterious X, for one, is now officially my roommate-elect. Huzzah!!! She and I have much domestic discussion in store, which I find oddly exciting. Further domestic excitement comes from Fenchurch, who is giving me the last piece of my kitchen furniture (another bookshelf) as soon as we are both available to move it here. Z1, whom I saw on my trip east, complimented me on my appearance, yet another oddly exciting event. And the Brooklyn Bridge, who was far too ill to visit for long in Providence, told me (in his flu-stricken delirium) how important I am to him; I hadn't realized that our relationship still mattered to him, and even though I didn't relish his miserable state, I liked hearing that.

Continuing the theme, I recently spent far too much time thinking about two 19th century Tsars of Russia. Neither one of them was as interesting as any of the four people mentioned above.

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Zander said...

I'm thrilled to be more exciting than a 19th century russian tsar