Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cognitive dissonance

I just watched the movie Blue Velvet for the first time. Up until this evening, the phrase "blue velvet" had one association for me, and one alone: junior high school show choir. We were the Blue Velvet Show Choir, adorned rather bizarrely with imitation blue satin bow ties and cummerbunds. I didn't know how to snap my fingers, and I was ashamed to admit this, but the pleasant (and amazingly tall and old and scary) eighth grader who sat next to me managed to cover up for me until I learned. We sang arrangements of "Proud Mary," "For the Longest Time," and, of course, Blue Velvet, with the idiotic choreography that is de rigeur for such ensembles.

Contrast this, if you will, with David Lynch's film. My brain may explode.


Alexandra said...

Yay! David Lynch is a genius!

Claudia said...

As I have the same association with Blue Velvet, I think that movie might make my brain explode, too.