Friday, October 10, 2008


Reasons why today is wonderful:

1. I took magic Canadian medicine last night, and my head feels amazingly light and unsqueezed this morning.

2. The projected high temperature is finally seasonable: 70 degrees! I'm in such a good mood that I will even deign to translate that into furriner: 21 pitiful metric degrees.

3. Several important people (and one mildly important dog) are coming to visit tonight from the metropolis to the north.

4. I ate a meal last night and didn't feel grossly bloated!

5. Connecticut rocks!

A few details now on point number 1. Magic Canadian medicine is weird. It combines Tylenol, a decongestant, vitamin C, and some other stuff in a powdered drink that approximates hot lemonade. Apparently, the standard effect of this cocktail is a sudden lack of both symptoms and consciousness. For me, the symptoms faded but the consciousness multiplied sevenfold--I felt more awake than I had since about Sunday. I went to sleep around 11:30, woke up at about 3:30, explored the internet for three hours while vigorously kicking my feet to expend some of my newfound energy, then napped again from 6:something until 9:something. I should by no means be perky and energetic now, but I am. Conclusion: magic Canadian medicine is MAGIC.

Or has buckets of caffeine.

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