Sunday, October 26, 2008


Dear Internet Diary,

How am I supposed to pay attention to my schoolwork? There are too many other things going on! In order of importance (least to most):

1. Students. They have an assignment due tomorrow. They are freaking out. They are legion. They are emailing me non-stop.

2. No on 8. Every moment of every day we are working to protect marriage equality. And yet, some people who claim to be supportive are completely unwilling to spend 30 seconds just talking about it. Last night, while out recruiting volunteers for Election Day, I actually heard the excuse, "I can't take any time off work; I'm in sales!" Self-important jackass.

3. A boy. Most important of all: A boy who likes me and whom I like. I can barely pay attention to any of these other things.

Internet Diary, will you make my professors cancel all of my classes so I can get other stuff done? It'll only take a week or so. Then they can slowly get started again, maybe without all the reading and the writing. That's all I'm asking for.


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