Saturday, May 23, 2009


Taking a quick break from MA exams to express my deep conflict about this new television programme, Glee. Love a show about highschool misfits who sing; always makes me cry. Hate a show that's really about three beautiful straight white people with a DIVERSITY! supporting cast of a (straight?) fat black girl, a lesbian Asian girl with a stutter, a gay white boy, and a (straight?) white boy in a wheelchair, none of whom will ever actually get to be in the center of a shot or a plot.

Better improve on the next episode, Glee, or even shirtless Matthew Morrison can't keep me there.

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at_resonance said...

Just watched it on Hulu. Meh. Too formulaic. OMG, an athlete who secretly loves music! OMG, cheerleaders are heinous bitches and football players are stupid bullies! I feel like these characters have already developed as much as they're going to. Not worth the effort.