Friday, May 22, 2009

This is a test

So in nine hours I start my MA exams. Some disjointed thoughts on this process:

1. I don't have to go anywhere for four whole days! Sweet!!

2. I have to write a bunch of stuff in not a bunch of time. Not sweet. Savory, in fact.

3. This is not a "terminal" masters degree. Therefore I can't possibly die while obtaining it, right?

4. Masters exams mean that I can get all my laundry done and not worry about whether I'll be home in two hours to take it out of the dryer.

5. I think I want to be a Mistress of Arts instead.

6. Tonight I ate a medium-sized bag of the most delicious potato chips ever to prepare myself for the exam. I'm sure it helped. Because I am getting a degree in potatochipology.

7. Even better--doughnutology. The Mysterious X, the She God of Shark Reef, 'Nald, and I would probably all be able to acquire that degree without any further study. I will be a Professor of Doughnutology with a focus in Blueberry. My research interests include buying by the dozen and calculating when fresh batches are baked.

I guess I should go to sleep or something so I can be ready for this exam?

1 comment:

Violet Vixen said...

Yay! You will rock! Also in the interests of donutology, I saw a mini giant donut in Long Beach!