Monday, May 18, 2009

Seeing red

There are some people who make me angry. They are relatively rare, but when I happen upon them, my wrath knows no bounds. Tonight I was reminded of one particular object of said wrath who makes me fantasize about acts of violence I would normally abhor. I have never met him, but if that meeting should occur, the red I am metaphorically seeing would quickly become more literal. And wetter. And flowing freely from his nose.

Moving in a slightly happier direction, a red that is somewhere between literal and metaphorical. My shoulders are a shade of pink that is normally not found (externally) on a human body. This is a result, of course, of neglecting to put on sunscreen, but in my defense, I didn't think I was going to need it to sit in a car. Little did I know that instead of sitting in the car, I was going to be peering under its hood on the side of the road in the municipality known, accurately enough, as the City of Commerce. I now have a vastly improved knowledge of the inner workings of 2003 Mazda Proteges, as well as such related topics as the color of antifreeze and the plot of Desperate Housewives. Which was playing on the TV at the garage. Long Beach Pride, sadly, did without me and El Nico, the owner of the Protege in question. My shoulders, as sadly, did without protection from the sun, and now might be described as resembling those of a lobster, if lobsters had shoulders.

Speaking of lobsters, Teenagers from Outer Space!! Quite possibly the best film in existence. I'm sure I've written of it in the past, but tonight the She God of Shark Reef and I saw it on the big screen with two short films by the same director and a Q&A by the man who is trying to piece together the director's odd history and work.

-Teenagers from Outer Space was filmed mostly in Hollywood, about 1.5 miles from my apartment?

-The lobster in question, who plays the monstrous Gargan, was dead at the time of filming?

-The actor playing Derek, the hero, was director Tom Graeff's boyfriend, and he mysteriously disappeared the year the film was released and HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN SINCE?

-Graeff, while at UCLA, made a 22-minute short about the joys of fraternal brotherhood that impressed the school enough to let him graduate despite various academic woes?

-The film was originally supposed to be about Derek falling in love with an Earth boy instead of an Earth girl?

Okay, that's enough for tonight. My eyes are growing as red as my shoulders, and I needs must close them if I am to continue seeing with my current laughable acuity in future.

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