Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If my school email address sent any of you any spam, I apologize. It has been shut down for "suspicious network activity
that was indicative of a virus infection or account compromise." I have been informed by the help desk that they "will never ask you for your username and password to 'verify' your account. E-mails of that nature are not legitimate and should be ignored and deleted." I feel so informed!

Anybody else have this experience? Mine happened yesterday, some time between when I checked school email in the morning and when I checked it at 11 PM.


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Adam said...

It happened to My Better Half. She didn't get a virus or anything... as far as we can tell, some program guessed her password correctly. That's why you want those randomized alphanumeric thingamajigs. Did you have a vaguely guessable password?