Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8th

Happy International Women's Day, everybody! Those of you who have elections today, celebrate by voting for women! I already sent in my absentee ballot, full of little filled-in ovals next to names of women candidates for city council, community college board, and something else that I've already forgotten. Or maybe just more community college board positions. If you live in West Hollywood, think about voting for the only two women in a crowded city council race otherwise full of gay men. If you live in NY, join me at the Women for Women International celebratory march across the Brooklyn Bridge to commemorate 100 years of International Women's Day! Maybe in another 100 years the US will actually acknowledge it, but I doubt it. The holiday has two very bad words in it: women, of course, and international. We don't like those things in this country.

In other women's political news, I got a survey in the mail from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It claimed to be from Nancy Pelosi, and to really want to know my priorities for the Democrats in Congress.

(Side note: Democrats in Congress sounds like a terrible DC-themed porno.)

On a long list of priorities, out of which I was to choose and rank three, guess how many mentioned the word "women?" If you guessed exactly as many as mentioned the word "abortion," you're right! If you also guessed that that number was exactly as many as the number of priorities that mentioned the word "Cthulhu," you are also right! Luckily, there was a fill-in-the-blank option. Also luckily, they left a space at the end of the survey for comments. You may be surprised to hear that I used that space to comment. I will leave you to imagine what those comments were.

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