Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Times

Ever since I discovered a YouTube user named LaughVids, I've been getting really into sitcoms from the 1970s. Right now I want to start watching Good Times, but I can't get past the incredibly grating minstrel-y caricature of a stereotype that is Jimmie Walker's J. J. Evans to really enjoy the fabulous acting of Esther Rolle as Florida Evans and the adorableness of little Ralph Carter as Michael Evans. I've watched three episodes (gritting my teeth through Walker's scenes) and decided that if I had been about ten to twelve years old when the show was on the air I would have been completely in love with the character of Michael. He's the elementary-school boyfriend every baby gay deserves.

If I can stomach J. J., I'll watch more of the show, but if I can't, I may try to watch All in the Family. I hear it's an important show, but so far every time I try to watch it my ears bleed at the sounds of Caroll O' Connor and Jean Stapleton's incredibly piercing voices. Can the '70s come with earplugs?

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