Monday, February 6, 2012

Cake or death?

I made a cake this weekend that was so large it has already fed a party of six, a party of four, and a party of two and is still nearly 50% of it's initial size. I have eaten five slices of it myself, as part of each of the parties listed, and I feel ill. The usual battle between tongue and stomach was joined on Saturday night and, as usual, tongue won and caused me to eat more than stomach wanted.

One result of too much cake is a total void of energy. So little energy that even though I found out a day ago that Eddie Izzard is doing two shows at the Largo at the Coronet this week, I didn't buy tickets. I just felt too tired to stay up late enough for Izzard on a week night. And too tired to go to the gym this morning. And too tired to wash the cake dishes. And too tired to revise dissertation chapter.

Tonight I will muster up enough energy to grade a few student assignments. Tomorrow I will not eat any more cake. Then I will have enough vitality to go to yoga, revise and expand the chapter, do laundry, and cook a real (non-sugar-based) meal. Accomplishing those tasks will make tomorrow officially a Good Day.

For those who are curious, the cake in question was the Grand Marnier Chocolate Mousse Cake from the Frog Commissary Cookbook, and it is worth the ridiculous amount of effort, time, money, and egg it takes. If you are attempting it and wants tips on how not to make the genoise, I am happy to help you learn from my mistakes!


enmalkm said...

Is that possibly the same cake we made one time for your mom's birthday?

CelloShots said...

Possibly--there are two different chocolate mousse cakes that I made for Mom's birthdays. The other one is rum mousse instead of Grand Marnier, chocolate cake instead of vanilla genoise, and much, much smaller. I think that was the one we made, the Julia Child bombe a trois chocolats.