Monday, February 27, 2012

They'll none of them be missed

In my current occupation, I am required to be a recipient on several email lists. As far as I can currently recall, I am on a departmental graduate student list, a departmental dissertators list, two lists from other departments I am not in, the Society for American Music list, the LAGLC donor list, the Vote for Equality volunteer list, at least half a dozen different UAW 2865 lists,,, the list for my family summercamp, my fraternity alumni list, and the list of people who get invited to my friend's place for dinner on Wednesdays. Some of these are lists that don't permit list-wide discussions (LAGLC, VFE, Change, Move On), and are basically fine. Some others have only excellent discussions about food. Okay, that's only one list.

I think I will attempt, once I have finished with school, to find a job that does not require me to be on any lists. I have decided that I will only be accessible by email on an individual basis unless I am contractually required to be on a list. Plus the summercamp and fraternity lists, which I subscribe to by choice and which rarely receive emails at all.

The rest of them are gone as soon as I am reasonably able to be shed of them. You want to have a formal discussion with me? Email me directly. You want to have a formal discussion with me and some other people? Email me directly and I'll schedule an in-person meeting or a Skype call. You want to have a pissing contest and force me to watch? Invite me to attend in person and I will gladly piss on you.

Alternative plan: all email list discussions must be about Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek, or musicals. If I have to be on a list, I will derail every single thread with an email about one or all of these acceptable topics.


lorraine said...

Can I be on that mailing list?

Violet Vixen said...

Oh no. Do you want off the email list about dinner?