Monday, January 17, 2011


Guess what, internet friends! I got into a conference! And that conference is in Liverpool! And it is all about Divas! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?

They are still looking for a few more papers and they've extended the deadline until February 7th, so if you (a) want to go to England in July and (b) love divas, you should totally send in an abstract! We can be England buddies! I will insist, of course, that we also be Scotland buddies before we leave, so that I can have wonderful whiskies to drink before returning to the States.


Alexandra said...

YAY!!! Liverpool is lovely and amazing. I had the most amazing Indian food I've ever eaten while I was there so I will have to tell you how to get to that restaurant. I am now thinking about applying to this conference, even though doing so would be totally irrational because I am teaching in July and planning a research trip to England for September....but we shall see!!

Jason said...

Are you gonna get to go and present/discuss your paper? That'd be so cool! Enjoy your trip!