Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lucky number

Thirteen pages drafted, and three chapter summaries sent off to the advisor for feedback. That leaves only chapters 1 and 2 to draft! My goal is to finish drafting chapters and to add connective tissue by a week from Monday, which will give me a month to edit. That seems totally manageable, if I can keep up this pace!

Unfortunately, each draft has had more and more holes and incompletenesses, so it may take a little longer to tie them all together and fill in those holes than it did to write them in the first place.

Also unfortunately, I saw another mouse in my room today, despite having caught four already. This is getting ridiculous.


Alexandra said...

Oh, don't worry about the holes. You don't have to fill the holes, and that's why proposals are great - you can just sort of gesture towards how you might fill the holes later.

Yay you!

Ms. Li said...

didn't you know? you're running a mouse hotel.