Saturday, May 24, 2008


Today I accomplished nothing useful. I intended to read for class and to start my final papers, but instead I sat on my ass, napped, drank tea, and ate soup.

In my defense, these are perfectly normal activities when one is sick. I believe one is. I spent the day alternating between dizzy spells, with headaches attendant, and periods during which I told myself I was just making it up and needed to get back to work.

Regardless of how justified my unproductivity may be, the upshot is still this: Two days of my four day weekend are gone with no work to show for it. This is a problem. I was at a point where I thought the remaining work was a perfectly manageable amount, as long as I didn't fritter my time away.

And today, I frittered. The remaining work is still quite manageable, I know, but each passing hour of non-work makes me feel guilty and stressed. And my throat hurts.


While the above would be a decent ending to the post, I must mention the fact that my last week has been full of guests. I had important times with all of them, even if not every moment was the height of pleasure. At least two long-awaited discussions took place. Results may vary. Side effects apparently include headaches, dizziness, sore throat, achy joints, incoherent sentence structure, and matzo balls.

Only one of those was a good thing.

In conclusion, I am still feeling petulant and sulky about my health and lack of productivity. But the reheated toddy I forgot to drink last night is helping with that.

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amy jay said...

no fair...i didn't get any matzoh balls :-p