Saturday, May 24, 2008


Five minutes later, I remember to plug this movie that I saw last night. Go see it! Marisa Tomei, the Cusacks, Hillary Duff (was actually great!), Ben Kingsley, Dan Akroyd, and excellent, excellent satire. Everything that was over the top was so explicitly acknowledged as over the top that it came across as realistic. Too realistic, in some instances. I cannot handle human-on-human violence, and there was a fair amount of it. But necessary, for the most part.

If this movie comes near you, please see it. I did not enjoy it uncritically, and I have many things I'd like to discuss with you if you see it, but I don't want to be spoiler guy.

However, I will tell you that the guide voice in the talking car/plane/various trucks is Montel Williams. Almost as cool as the real life Eddie Izzard guide voice one can install.

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