Saturday, May 3, 2008

Exciting mystery!

For the third time this year (or at least the third time of which I know), a drain in our apartment decided spontaneously to reverse directions and spew disgusting water up instead of down. Here's the $64,000 question:

What are our upstairs neighbors flushing that makes our kitchen sink (and once, a toilet) spit up brown, oily, murky water?

The follow up question is, will the sink continue to do this all night, as it is far too late to call the handyman tonight? It's at peak capacity right now, holding steady for two hours so far, but I worry that as soon as we go to bed, disaster will strike. At least this time I'm not home alone, in the middle of preparing a seder, covered in honey and matzo meal.

Final Jeopardy Question: Why can't I have clean, dry mysteries that involve cute boys? Well, maybe not entirely clean and dry...

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