Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh, the tubes

You may have noticed the new comic in my list on the left. But probably not. Here is a link to something that made me laugh out loud, a rare reaction when I read webcomics. Cat and Girl in 'Tom Tom Club'. Please lose yourselves in Cat and Girl, the newest time sink interfering with my graduate education. Thanks go out to Carmen Sandiego for inadvertently bringing this comic to my attention by posting one episode of it on her husband's facebook wall, thereby simultaneously posting it on my stalkerfeed.

The top of my next list is the ESP game. Do this, everybody! It's an experiment in human computing that allows you to waste hours and hours of time while actually accomplishing something marginally useful: labeling every image on the intertubes with a searchable word tag that makes sense. Plus you get points! Everybody loves points! Even those who, like me, hate-loathe-despise-and-abominate Raymond.

And the last list I use to decorate that barren patch to the left of my text is the blagademic list. I am toying with the idea of scrapping this list, as the bottom two of the three are only marginally awesome. However, Bitch PhD is my new home away from physical reality, and it needs to remain. Four women with doctoral degrees post on all sorts of topics, and post unbelievably well. BitchPhD herself is my favorite, although the others are fabulous as well, and she actually answered my efanmail! While the blog in and of itself is worth time, the comment threads are where the time really disappears. Today I got to mention both The Wrestling Princess and The Enchanted Forest Chronicles in a comment relating to toddlers and gender roles. Hooray!

If any of y'all have suggestions for better lists or more items to put on the current lists, let me know. I love to redecorate.