Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thematically disparate

I can see the (near) future. Within five weeks, I will finish this quarter and achieve summer vacation! This is a very short period of time. I will totally be able to do this.

I recently acquired (from Fenchurch) the complete Papermill Playhouse recording of Children of Eden. This replaces the highlights recording I got (from Une Pipe) some years ago. I must say, listening to the complete soundtrack after becoming very familiar with the highlights brought tears to my eyes. The full version is far, far superior to the highlights, as it includes the reprises and contrafacta that make the music work as a unit instead of a series of disconnected songs. Stephen Schwartz, I have a newfound appreciation for your skill.

This weekend I need to write a 10-page paper on a 2-page trio sonata from the early 17th century (c. 1614). How I am going to do this is a subject to debate. If only the professor hadn't specified in the syllabus that "your paper...should have a point..."

Music in LA readings this week are all about Disneyland. Hilarious.

I bought a 7"-diameter exercise ball for Nikolai, but he has thus far been too cranky to try it out. Perhaps tomorrow night he will take it on its maiden voyage around the living room.

The Turn of the Screw is just an amazing opera. If you haven't seen/heard it, please rent the movie. There are three movies at least; I like the one from 2004, but I haven't seen the others. It makes me shiver and cry and think and all sorts of good things. The 2002 CD conducted by Daniel Harding is my recommended recording; all the other ones I know of use an adult woman for Flora, and that's just weird.

I think that's all that my head wants to spew tonight. Now that the pressure is lessened, perhaps I will go to sleep ridiculously early and wake up refreshed. Hah.

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at_resonance said...

Yay! I might have to "borrow" that recording from you- I haven't heard the full show since high school. I wish I'd gotten the full soundtrack back then, but the highlights were all I could find on napster. I mean, all that I could find to purchase legally. Yes, that's it.

Also, music about Disneyland? Whaa?