Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tipsy Post!

I've had a few drinks. Let's see how that affects my coherence.

Xandra is single-handedly making my life in LA possible. If she doesn't move to my neighborhood next year I will be quite sad.

I finally talked to Allison for real tonight!! I have missed this immensely, far more even than I thought I would. I usually hate the phone, but Allison has crossed the boundary that few have crossed, and I now enjoy and look forward to talking to her on the phone. She and I both had encounters with guys between our last conversation and now, and we got to gossip a bit. That was fun.

Adam said that it is quite likely he and Shula will be moving here next year. I am unspeakably excited about this. Real friends! With prefabricated history and shared experiences!

I have accidentally invented Scotch-flavored vodka. I love it.

I have a strong feeling that Ron didn't get into UCLA and it makes me very sad. I have no real basis for this, but he hasn't heard yet and I think Ray said they've already contacted the first 8 people for interviewing (the final pool). We'll see.

OK, it's back to drinking I go. Even if nobody reads this, I am benefiting from writing my bizarre late night thoughts. Go, go gadget journal!

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